Technical Information
& Care Guide

We would like to offer suggestions on how to best take care of your David Gundry product, in order to maintain condition and increase longevity.

Due to the handmade nature of our furniture, all dimensions are within a 3cm tolerance. All dimensions are taken at the highest, widest and deepest points.


Dust settles on your upholstery and can not only spoil the look and colour of the fabric, but can also accelerate wear and tear, as it contains abrasive and gritty particles, which can cut and break down fibres.

Care should be taken not to use a high pressure vacuum cleaner when cleaning feather filled cushions. There is the possibility that feathers could be pulled through the cover.


Do protect your upholstery from prolonged exposure to sunlight as this may cause fading and in some excessive cases may cause the fabric to deteriorate. On sunny days draw the curtains or pull down the blind. Avoid placing the furniture close to a source of direct heat such as a fire or radiator. Velvets especially can be permanently damaged by leaning against a radiator.


Accidents happen and all stains and spills should be dealt with quickly (with the exception of mud, which should be left to dry and then lightly brushed off). Soak up any spills as soon as possible using a clean white cloth or white kitchen paper.


We would recommend that the cleaning of your David Gundry furniture is taken care of by a specialist cleaning company. It is important that cleaning is carried out before dirt or soiling becomes ingrained. We would advise that sofas and chairs are cleaned in their entirety. Do not take cushions to be dry cleaned separately as this could result in a mismatch of colours.

Servicemaster is a specialist cleaning company and can be contacted on They will be able to direct you to their closest representative.


We recommend that you check the condition of your castor feet on a regular basis. This action is suggested on the basis that a damaged or faulty castor could dirty or damage both wood and carpeted floors.


We select only the highest grades of filling materials for our cushions. However, after constant use, it may be found that your cushion will show signs of compression.

For this reason, it is recommended that the cushions are "plumped" on a regular basis in order to maintain loft and appearance. It is also recommended that cushions are turned and alternated on a regular basis in order to minimize wear and tear.

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